May 30 — Journal for Joy with Alina Liao, founder, Zenit Journals


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Zenit is a Radical Wellness Company

"We make everything with love for all our stakeholders," Alina insist. "And, we believe wellness requires equity. A world with systemic injustice cannot be a world that is well."

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Monday Morning Magic, May 30, 2022 — In celebration of Memorial Day, this Monday we offer you a gift that will keep on giving: the power of journaling.

Whether you’ve been journaling since childhood or are new to the cathartic practice, you are going to love Alina Liao’s Zenit Journals. Her community journaling mini-retreats are held twice monthly and get rave reviews from attendees. “The vibe, the relaxation, the tone of her voice, and the thoughtfully created journal prompts made each participant were so comforting — and Alina’s ability to connect us even though we were online made us feel like old college roommates that have known one another for eons,” said a woman who participated last month. “I love reflective practice, I love writing my story, I love how I can look back and eradicate patterns that no longer serve me, and I am now inspired to take my experience up a level or two.”

Alina insists: “You shouldn’t have to travel far, take time off of work, or drop a lot of money to rest and restore your energy. That’s why we hold Community Journaling Mini-Retreats online where participants can be in the comfort of their homes — and yet we experience the healing power of journaling as a community. In our one hour together, we gather on Zoom and after a few journaling activities, we focus on our wellness and then share our reflections. It is as easy as it is profound.”

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We leave you with this parting thought of the week from Alina: “It’s true — one hour is all it takes to go on a guided self-care journaling experience where real transformation is possible. Journaling helps you process your thoughts and feelings, release what has been weighing on you, and discover insights into what you need to make changes that serve you. Don’t be afraid to go on the journal journey of your life.”

Until next Monday: May you use all the tools available to you to find clarity and inner peace. Hope Katz Gibbs, founder, and president, Inkandescent® Inc.

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