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“What’s Your Future Worth?” Actuary Peter Neuwirth teaches us to use present value to make better decisions


“We weigh every significant decision based on how it will affect our future,” explains actuary Peter Neuwirth, author of What’s Your Future Worth? “But when it comes to figuring that out, we mostly make the process up as we go along.”

While he can’t help you actually predict the future, Pete can offer a simple, systematic way to make much better guesses about it—and so make better decisions.

About “What’s Your Future Worth?” Pete offers an accessible, step-by-step guide to using the powerful concept of Present Value — which allows you to determine the value today of something that might happen in the future — to evaluate all of the outcomes that might arise from choosing one path as opposed to another.

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Using examples that anyone can relate to, Pete walks you through the process. Your old refrigerator doesn’t work as well as it used to—should you buy a new one right away or muddle through for a while? You’re offered a great discount on a service you don’t need at the moment but eventually will—buy the service now or wait?

With just a little math and some common sense: Compare future costs and benefits with present costs and benefits and make “apples to apples” comparisons. This book will be indispensable for anyone who has ever had to figure out whether to stick with an awful job or follow his or her bliss, fix that old car or buy a new one, increase 401(k) contributions or keep the same take-home pay, and a thousand other decisions.

Wealth Management magazine named “What’s Your Future Worth” one of its Top 10 Business Books: Editors said: “With so many new business books published—over 8,000 from just the major publishers in 2015—it’s hard to find the titles that will really make a difference to financial professionals. But we searched far and wide to find lesser-known works offering fresh insights into the latest finance, innovation, and customer service conditions. Moreover, since few of us have time to read books from cover to cover, we suggest one or two sections of each book that deliver the goods. As always, the list includes a worthy novel set in the world of finance whose fictional themes offer lessons as pertinent as those of the non-fiction titles. One you won’t want to miss is Peter Neuwirth’s What’s Your Future Worth? Click here to read more.

Great news: On Cyber Monday — Nov. 27, 2023 — What’s Your Future Worth? is featured 50% off with free shipping for U.S. orders. Click here to get your copy at Use the checkout code: CYBER50.

Don’t wait: Buy the book!

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