Oct. 3, 2022 — Congratulations to Kimberly Lee Minor, recipient of the 2022 Whitney M. Young, Jr. Service Award

Monday Morning Magic from Inkandescent® PR + Publishing Co. — As I noted in last week’s newsletter, it’s always a thrill to honor friends who accomplish remarkable things with their lives. This week we shine a spotlight on my high school pal Kimberly Lee Minor, president and chief commercial officer at Bandier, a premier retailer destination for luxury athletic and athleisure fashion, where she oversees the direction of design, multi-channel merchandising, marketing, production, sourcing, and human resources. In 10 days, she will receive the Boy Scouts of America Whitney M. Young, Jr. Service Award, which recognizes outstanding service by an adult or organization for involvement in the development and implementation of Scouting opportunities for youth from rural or low-income urban backgrounds.

Please mark your calendar: Kimberly says, “Each year, the proceeds from the reception are used to support the ScoutReach Program, which delivers traditional Scouting programs to NYC’s most economically challenged and underserved neighborhoods. The ScoutReach after-school program has a proven track record in over 20 public schools in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. It is designed to help foster new interests and skills through fitness and citizenship training in a fun, interactive environment. Additionally, a portion of the monies raised will help to provide camping scholarships for disadvantaged children throughout New York City.” Please join Kimberly in supporting this important organization. The reception will be held on Thursday, October 13, 2022, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at the Margaritaville Hotel and Resort in Times Square. Reserve your tickets and learn about how to make a donation here: nycscouting.org/whitney

About Kimberly: Having held positions such as brand president for London Fog, Rampage, Bongo, and Joe Boxer, and most recently as senior VP of strategy, merchandising, and operations at Bath & Body Works, Kimberly is leveraging her insights and hard-won expertise to help women and people of color accelerate their careers by providing them with inclusive communities where they can obtain exposure, support, and empowerment from accomplished experts. She is also the CEO of Bumbershoot, a boutique consulting firm that provides C-suite leadership and cultural and market insights for inclusive, equitable, and diverse representation across brand, content, product, and customer experience. Connect with Kimberly on LinkedIn.

Black Lives Matter: When my co-host Tony Farmer and I launched the Black Lives Matter Radio Show, it was an honor to interview Kim. Listen to our podcast here. I also featured her in Inkandescent Women magazine, where she shares that she has spent her entire career as the only or the first, which she finds can be lonely. “This honor makes my hard work worthwhile,” she explains.

We leave you with this parting thought from Kimberly: “The farther you go and the higher levels of leadership and success you achieve, you are not only dealing with loneliness but are exhausted from navigating corporate politics or having to prove yourself over time. I have met many people along my journey who did something early in their career that caught someone’s attention and never had to make another successful decision in their life. I have focused on creating opportunities for inclusion and developing talent throughout my career and have proudly been awarded several times for these efforts.” Click here to read more.

Until next Monday: May you be filled with courage and the determination to always fight for what you believe in.  — Hope Katz Gibbs, founder and president, Inkandescent® Inc. Inkandescent.us

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