Feb. 21, 2022 — The Inkandescent Spotlight is asks: Who wants to be the next American Idol?

Monday Morning Magic, Feb. 21, 2022: Since launching the Truly Amazing Women project and Inkandescent Women magazine in 2008, my team and I have had the honor of shining a spotlight on hundreds of spectacular women who have hit great heights in their careers. Case in point is today’s featured phenom — singer-songwriter Brianna Ruelas.

Shining Star: This Dallas-based performing artist consultant, reality TV music coach, and the author of the bestseller Make Reality TV Your Reality recently released the hit single, Thieves. So it was an honor to interview her with my collaborator, Success in the City founder Cynthia de Lorenzi, on Inkandescent Radio and TrulyAmazingWomen.tv.

Cynthia shares: “As a singer and performer for 30 years, Brianna studied internationally and performed in just about every genre — from jazz to rock to pop. She received a BA in Theatre Arts from Pepperdine University and spent the following years honing her musical theatre chops. Brianna later began pursuing music as a solo artist and worked as a commercial voiceover actor. She also fronted her rock band and experienced the reality TV craze in its early days as a Top 100 finalist on American Idol, Season 4. She is truly amazing!”

Brianna rules: While she is very proud of her accomplishments, especially her ability to guide aspiring musicians, Brianna admits one of her most challenging moments came when she released her new original single, Thieves. “It documents my battle with self-doubt, regret, and the nasty voices that swirl in my head as I lay awake at night. Most importantly, it examines the process of silencing fear, circling back to faith, and trusting that there is freedom in surrender. Its a ballad of hope and a powerful reminder to quiet the BS stories in our head, trust and believe that we will overcome. Watch Thieves on YouTube! And click here to learn how Brianna can help you achieve your American Idol dreams.

We leave you this week with a taste of the inspirational lyrics from Thieves: Breathe in. Bury your weakness. Thieves are running wild, stealing all of the show. Been hiding. Shadows and secrets. Your light is wavering; no one has to know. Keep holding on. You’re the only one who can turn this around. Keep reaching higher. You’ve come this far. Don’t you let it all go.” Read the rest of the song lyrics and check out our podcast interview here.

Until next Monday, wishing you incredible, indelible, Inkandescent joy, happiness, and success!  — Hope Katz Gibbs, founder, Inkandescent™ Inc. • Inkandescent PR + Publishing Co.Inkandescent Women magazine • BeInkandescent Health & Wellness magazineInkandescent RadioInkandescent.tvInkandescent ShopInkandescent Books