March 21, 2022 — The Inkandescent Spotlight is on the Psychology of the Body: What your body is telling you, and what you are telling the world

Monday Morning Magic, March 21, 2022: Why do we feel the way we feel? How do our thoughts and emotions affect our health? Are our bodies and minds distinct from each other, or do they function together as parts of an interconnected system?

These are questions neuroscientist Candace Pert (1946-2013) answered in her groundbreaking book Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine. The story of Dr. Pert and her work grace the cover of BeInkandescent Health & Wellness magazine this month. Not only are we celebrating International Women’s Month, but we want to be sure you know about the groundbreaking work of this truly amazing woman. Known as the Goddess of Neuroscience, Dr. Pert discovered the opiate receptor — the brain’s cellular binding site for endorphins. Her pioneering research explained how the chemicals inside our bodies form a dynamic information network linking the mind and body. She taught us that hope, belief, experience, and expectation shape our perceived realities and our physical conditions. And, she encouraged us to act as full participants in our physical and psychological wellbeing.

Dr. Pert isn’t alone: In this issue, we introduce you to other health and wellness authors and experts who offer groundbreaking ways to connect your mind, body, spirit, soul, and heart.

We leave you with this parting thought from Dr. Candace Pert: “When emotions are expressed, all systems are united and made whole. When emotions are repressed, denied, not allowed to be whatever they may be, our network pathways get blocked, stopping the flow of the vital feel-good, unifying chemicals that run both our biology and our behavior.” Learn more at

Until next Monday, breathe deeply, meditate more, and go get a massage; then give one to someone you love!  — Hope Katz Gibbs, Inkandescent™ Inc. • Illustration by Michael Glenwood Gibbs

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