Meet the woman who started it all: Shari Aldrich, owner, Bodymechanics School of Massage


May 2022: By Hope Katz Gibbs, LMT

With just weeks until graduation, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Shari Aldrich, owner of Bodymechanics School of Massage.

Shari has the amazing gift and ability to focus on her life’s work every day, and share that love with thousands of others: to help people reach their goals through education. Her personal mission is to help 1 million people get out of pain by 2025 by helping them incorporate massage and fitness into their daily lives. While she knows she can’t personally touch 1 million people herself, she can teach massage at her 3 schools and have the licensed massage therapists who graduate become the army of healers who will help her reach that big audacious goal. I am proud to be part of that army, as a recent graduate of Shari’s school in Santa Fe. In fact, last Thursday, June 2, 2022, I was part of the first class to finish the 10-month program at her newest school in Santa Fe, NM.

The 8 Questions we’ll be discussing with Shari include:

  1. The home base of your company is based in Tumwater, Washington — and you have an amazing back story on how Bodymechanics came to be yours. Tell us about that!
  2. You didn’t start out your career as a massage therapist. Tell us more about your background.
  3. As we learned in your program, you are a specialist in injury treatment and pain relief. Talk about your work — and your personal experience overcoming pain.
  4. You have an amazing book that we use as a text for our advanced massage class, and also a series of DVDs so your students can follow along as we learn your techniques. Tell our audience more about how those publications came to be, and how others can access them.
  5. One thing I love about your company is that your daughters work with you. Tell us about that — and also about your adorable grandkids.
  6. If that’s not enough, you are also a comedian. Oh please, tell us more!
  7. Now let’s talk about who should become a massage therapist, and why!
  8. Who is your ideal student at the 3 Bodymechanics schools, and how can people apply to attend?

There’s more! I’m also thrilled to be penning my newest book based on my experience at Bodymechanics, “Massage School Memoire: 10 Months that Changed My Life.” We invite our audience to stay tuned for that as we roll it out one chapter at a time on my book publishing website,

Check out these books by Shari: 

  • A Massage Career is not for Wimps: Being a massage therapist is not always easy — with clients to think about, paperwork, licensing requirements, marketing, networking, laundry, and self-care you have a lot to think about every day. Massage therapists work very hard every day. This book is designed to give good, honest tips and ideas to the new and seasoned therapist on how to market your business easily and cost-effectively; how to use and apply the techniques you were taught in school; how to communicate effectively with your clients; and how to take care of your body with self-care techniques.
  • Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage Pathology & Treatment — Injury Treatment Manual: This book allows students to delve deep into understanding complex pathologies and the treatment modalities to resolve pain and restore function.

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