Taylor Schulte, curator, “More Than Money: Real-Life Stories of Financial Planning”

“When it comes to investing your money, there is the textbook answer and then there is YOUR answer.” — Taylor Schulte, curator, “More Than Money”

A Note from co-author Marguerita Cheng, CFP® Pro, a contributor to More Than Money: Real Life Stories of Financial Planning

Despite an expansive array of financial planning tools, advice, and gurus, putting real financial planning into practice is deeply personal―and incredibly difficult. So I am honored to be part of a new book, More Than Money: Real-Life Stories of Financial Planning, edited by Shanna Due and curated by Taylor Schulte and Justin Castelli.

Marguerita Cheng, CFP® Pro

This collection of surprising and inspiring stories reveals how real clients applied financial planning to derive tangible results that changed their lives. These stories by award-winning financial advisors feature people from all walks of life―young and old, those in debt, and those with great wealth―and a wide variety of situations, from designing a desired lifestyle to dealing with catastrophe. They show how well-thought-out, personalized, and high-touch financial planning can truly impact lives for the better. These leaders in a growing industry remind us that financial planning is more than dollars and cents―it is about resourcing dreams and improving lives in the near term and beyond.

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My chapter, which starts on page 35, is entitled, “When should you start taking social security benefits? Why the common ‘Wait until you reach full retirement age” advice is not always right!

In it, I explain that after nearly 20 years of financial planning and helping clients achieve goals, I have learned that personal finance is personal. And nowhere is that more relevant than in the question of when to begin social security benefits. Of course, the “one size fits all” example we have heard is waiting until full retirement age. But I am grateful to have had the privilege to work with clients facing unique life circumstances who chose different strategies that delivered so much more value than to wait.

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And remember the bottom line: Financial planning is More Than Money.

Contributions from: Elliott Appel, Michael H. Baker, Vincent R. Barbera, Jordan Benold, Todd Bessey, Todd A. Bryant, Marguerita Cheng, Kevin D. Christensen, Christopher Clepp, Cathy Curtis, Shanna Due, Jessica L. Fahrenholz, Brett K. Fellows, Matt Fizell, Steven Fox, Melissa Joy, Michael Kelly, David Kuzma, Douglas M. Lynch, Kevin Mahoney, Andrew Martz, Stephanie W. McCullough, Dana J. Menard, Amar Pandit, Matthew G. Ricks, Jeffrey J. Smith, Nicola Tomlin, Simon A. Tryzna