Mrs. Bakewell helps kids open their hearts to beaking in the Lottie book series


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Margaritas with Marguerita: On this special Mother's Day episode, meet author and entrepreneur Rose Bakewell, and learn about her entrepreneurial journey to bring British cream tea to America with Mrs. Bakewell's Cream Tea Company!

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May 2023: Who doesn’t love celebrating the day with a fabulous afternoon tea break? Well, you haven’t had a proper English tea spread until you’ve enjoyed a basket of warm scones with clotted cream and jam from Rose Bakewell’s Maryland-based company, Mrs. Bakewell’s.

“My love of England, British history, and baking ultimately led me to create the first and only cream tea company in the U.S.,” shares Rose, who, as a young girl, was enthralled with British culture. “As I grew up, I longed to find authentic British delicacies in America. When I couldn’t find them, I decided to bring a little taste of England here.”

She turned her kitchen into her own British tea room and began preparing Yorkshire pudding, a Victoria sandwich, or clotted cream for family and friends. In 2018, Rose was also chosen to be a contestant on the American version of The Great British Bake Off — season 4 of The Great American Baking Show. Although she couldn’t compete that year due to a family emergency, her successful British-inspired company proves she’s clearly a winner.

That’s not all: The mom of three decided that her love of baking was a gift she wanted to share with kids everywhere. That’s when this clever entrepreneur began penning children’s books starring a young baker named Lottie, which is inspired by her daughter, Charlotte, who has been baking alongside her mom since she was a toddler.

In celebration of Mother’s Day 2023, we shine our Inkandescent® spotlight on Rose’s Lottie series, each of which comes with a recipe that parents can prepare with their kids.

Here’s the story:

Lottie and Tea Party: Lottie wakes up to a wonderful surprise—a tea party! But there’s one problem (or make that two): her mischievous older cousins, Annie and Mary. Find out what happens when Lottie is left to make a decision about what is more important to her—being well-mannered or speaking up. Will Lottie still be able to have the elegant tea party she was hoping for? Includes a recipe card for Rose’s Cranberry Orange Scones (hardcover, 48 pages, for ages 4 and up, $24.99). Read more.

Lottie and the Baby: Lottie is going to be a big sister! Granny Beth tries to keep Lottie and Brodie busy at home while Mommy and Daddy are at the hospital. Find out how to make an indulgent, decadent vegan chocolate cake made out of beets. Includes a recipe card for Rose’s Chocolate Beetroot Cake (hardcover, 48 pages, for ages 4 and up, $24.99). Read more.

Lottie and the Christmas Wreath: The whole family gathers at the Montgomery’s for their traditional Christmas feast, and Lottie is in charge of the Christmas dessert. Find out what happens when Lottie gets distracted and forgets the pavlova in the oven. Learn how to make Pavlova Meringue along with Lottie! Step-by-step instructions within the story, recipe card, and template included (hardcover, 48 pages, for ages 4 and up, $24.99). Read more.

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Meet Rose in person on Sunday, May 7 for a Garden Party: To get of taste of Rose’s magic, click here to learn more about this garden party she’s hosting a mansion in Montgomery County, MD. In addition to a lovely afternoon tea, the event will showcase a local youth quartette. And guests will have the opportunity to stroll through beautiful gardens and a historic mansion while sipping tea and commingling with others. (Note: The exact location is a secret you’ll learn when you click here to buy your tickets!)

On the menu: Cucumber Cream Cheese Sandwiches, Jam Pennies, Mrs. Bakewell’s Cream Tea – English scones with clotted cream and jam, Victoria Sponge Cake, Chocolate Cake, French Macarons, Strawberries, and for the Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea: Apple Juice, White Grape Juice, and fresh Water.

Entertainment includes: Professional photos taken by Terragold Photos, local youth quartette, Mrs. Bakewell’s Cream Tea Box Giveaway Raffle, a book reading for children of ‘Lottie and the Tea Party,’ by Rose Bakewell, and a surprise Garden Party favor for each guest.

Cheers to success: We first met Rose when our Inkandescent® client and dear friend Marguerita Cheng interviewed her on the April 14 episode of Margaritas with Marguerita Cheng, CFP® Pro. Above, you’ll learn from these two successful entrepreneurs about what it means to live the life you love — also on and

Rita asks Rose: 

  • Tell us about Mrs. Bakewell’s and what cream tea is.
  • What do you want to achieve by providing Mrs. Bakewell’s to the public?
  • What lessons have you learned during your entrepreneurial journey?
  • Where can we order cream tea boxes?
  • Tell us about your children’s books!
  • You are famous for your Garden Parties. Tell us about those and how we can attend!

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Until next Monday: May you warm your heart with all the things that bring joy! — Hope Katz Gibbs, founder and president, Inkandescent® Inc.

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