John Chen, “Engaging Virtual Meetings”


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Engaging Virtual Meetings Podcast with John Chen

Are you suffering from Zoom fatigue? Is engagement your #1 problem on virtual? Do you want to lead the most engaging virtual meetings? Then you want the Engaging Virtual Meetings Podcast, the sure-fire, latest podcast on how to thrive on virtual.

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If virtual meetings are you go-to, you will learn to build a cohesive and high-performing virtual team with John Chen’s fantastic resource. It’s full of actionable advice and practical tips that you can put into immediate use. 

Engaging Virtual Meetings includes: Openers, Games, and Activities for Communication, Morale, and Trust offer concrete strategies and practical tips for bringing teams together across the digital divide. While many struggle to build teams in a virtual environment, accomplished author John Chen has found ways to create team cohesion, promote engagement, and increase virtual participation, and also:

  • Describes virtual tools for promoting effective teamwork, like the Participant Map
  • Teaches you to optimize your teleconference setup for ideal audio and video
  • Illustrates ways to apply these methods in any virtual environment, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more
  • Explores how to debrief your participants to improve your methods over time

This book is perfect for anyone working in or with the increasingly prevalent virtual environment, Engaging Virtual Meetings is a great addition to the bookshelves of anyone interested in how to create and build engagement in team settings of all kinds.

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About John Chen: Having been virtually meeting for more than 36 years, John can juggle 16 screens of information at a time. He has planned the only 100% LIVE virtual conference in the training industry for 1,200 people. He’s produced a six-language virtual webinar. He is a recognized thought leader on engaging virtual meetings. And, he is the John Wiley and Sons author of “Engaging Virtual Meetings” and “50 Digital Team Building Games”, top-selling business books.

John’s work has earned him multiple awards and his more than 300,000 clients across the United States and in countries including Spain, France, and Taiwan have experienced breakthrough results. He has dozens of certified producers and MCs to help your virtual and hybrid now. When you meet him, you will encounter a dynamic, energetic and effective facilitator who makes friends with everyone. He will help you and your team become the top 1% of what you do.

“Your virtual meetings can be as good as, or even better, than face-to-face meetings,” insists John.

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