February 19, 2024: Women of Color Empowered — Be part of the movement!


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February 2024: “Women of Color Empowered is not just a buzzword but a movement,” explains show host Kimberly Lee Minor, who will bring allies and trailblazing women of color from various professional sectors to the air.

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Monday Morning Magic from Inkandescent® PR + Publishing Co.Hello friends! On this glorious Monday, I bring you a special invite from my childhood friend, Kimberly Lee Minor, who this month has launched a new podcast and video show on the Inkandescent® channels — Women of Color Empowered.

“This is not just a buzzword but a movement,” explains Kimberly, who will bring allies and trailblazing women of color from various professional sectors to the air. “Each woman has a unique story that oversteps broken rungs, shatters glass ceilings, and ignites the spirit of empowerment.”

In this month’s episode: Kimberly explains what it means to empower and be empowered!

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Until next Monday: May you pay attention this week about what it means to be powerful (vs. forceful), and take note of how you are firmly standing in your power! — Hope Katz Gibbs, founder and president, Inkandescent® Inc. Inkandescent.us

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About Kimberly Lee Minor: An esteemed leader in the retail industry, Kimberly’s career spans more than 30 years of building brands, achieving operational excellence, and strategizing for business competitiveness. As CEO of Bumbershoot Group, she provides fractional C-suite leadership, leadership development, and process creation. Her work emphasizes inclusive, equitable, and diverse representation across brand, content, product, and customer experiences. Kimberly was named a Top Retail Expert of 2024 by Rethink Retail, recognizing her profound impact on the sector.

Kimberly’s previous roles as President and Chief Commercial Officer at Bandier, Brand President of London Fog, Joe Boxer, and leadership positions with iconic brands such as Express, Footlocker, David’s Bridal, and BBW highlight her experience in global and diverse categories, customers, and markets. Her expertise extends to board work with BlueConic (Vista Partners), a global martech company focused on retail, publishing, and entertainment.

Kimberly’s commitment to advancing women of color in the retail industry led her to co-found the Women of Color Retail Alliance (WOCRA) in 2019. She initially served on the board and now holds the position of CEO. WOCRA is dedicated to increasing the representation of women of color in the retail leadership pipeline through training, leadership development, partnerships, and networking opportunities.

Further extending her influence, Kimberly joined The Ohio State University’s Fisher School of Business as an adjunct professor in 2023. She teaches graduate students, senior undergraduates, and executives. Her community engagement is reflected in her board work, including Dress for Success and Wellbeing Connections, as well as her roles with the Columbus Fashion Alliance, CAPA, NA Citizen Advisory Committee, and the New Albany Community Foundation. These positions demonstrate her dedication to various causes and impact across multiple sectors.

Click here to learn more about Women of Color Retail Alliance: wocretailalliance.org

About the musician behind music: The tune for the Women of Color Empowered show is by Jonathan “JDitto” Minor, a senior at Morehouse College majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. He is a passionate, creatively disruptive thinker with an interest in the industries of music, media, and culture. He’s been able to marry his interests with industry experience by operating his DJ business since the 7th grade and working in the industry since his junior year of high school with Globestar Media, WBLS, Complex Media, ASCAP, UMPG, and UMG. He has gained hands-on experience in video editing, strategy development, A&R consulting, artist statistics analysis, and, currently, global marketing.

Last year, JDitto made his debut as an executive producer with two mixtapes, Taking Up Space & Fall Fast, respectively, featuring soul-sample heavy head bobbers like Jam and In my Head and hard-hitting Hip-Hop songs like Ivory with feature verses from rappers Ray Rags and Pac. Today, JDitto is finishing up his Business degree while still producing music and DJ’ing live shows, corporate events, and parties nationwide.

Click here to check out his music.