June 24, 2024: What would happen if you were a fly on the wall during the McCarthy Era? Bestselling author Kate Quinn imagines it in “The Briar Club”

Monday Morning Magic from Inkandescent® PR + Publishing Co.The McCarthy Era comes to life in Kate Quinn’s newest historical novel, The Briar Club, a tale that illustrates the powerful bond women forge in trying times.

We meet our heroines at Briarwood House, a down-at-the-heels all-female boarding house in Washington, DC. When mysterious widow Grace March moves into the attic room, she begins hosting a weekly supper club that cements the friendships of her oddball collection of neighbors — but a secret lurks. When a shocking act of violence tears the house apart, the tenants are challenged to discover who is the true enemy in their midst.

“I think of this as my post-pandemic book,” shares Quinn, noting that the idea came to her after a long year in lockdown when she missed sharing wine and conversation with her gal pals. “The Briar Club reflects my fascination with McCarthyism and the Red Scare, but it really came about because I missed my friends.”

The New York Times and USA Today bestseller says history is her lifelong love. After receiving a bachelor’s and master’s degree in classical voice from Boston University, the Southern California native wrote four novels for the Empress of Rome Saga, followed by two books set in the Italian Renaissance. She returned to the 20th century with additional hits: The Alice Network, The Huntress, The Rose Code, and The Diamond Eye — all of which have been translated into multiple languages.

“Until a time machine is invented, historical fiction is the closest thing to time travel we’ve got, and I am forever fascinated by the chance to get a peek into eras long gone,” explains Quinn, who currently calls San Diego home with her husband and three black rescue dogs. Her 2024 book tour has taken her from San Francisco to North Carolina and Toronto to Vancouver. “Who knows where I’ll end up next?”

Definitely on the horizon is a tale that will take readers on a different sort of adventure for the longtime Costco member. “The upcoming book is something very different for me, more book-themed and a little bit of magic. And there might be dragons.”

This article first appeared in Costco’s magazine, The Connection.

Click here to learn more about Kate: katequinnauthor.com

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