January 2023: Angest — Paul of Paris says, “I didn’t want my marriage to end. But now that it has, my life has not changed. I’m just more alone.”

Paul says: “I didn’t want my marriage to end,” explains Paul, who thought he was happily married for 6 years until his divorce in 2010. “She wanted to separate. It took 6 or 8 months to finalize it, maybe more. I didn’t see it coming. I was in love. It was tough to let go.”

Today: “My life has not changed, only now I am more alone,” admits Paul, now 55. “I would like to remarry if love guides me to do so. But most probably, no. I know that I can still have a strong, honest, true mutual relationship without marriage.”

What lessons from this experience has Paul learned and would like to share with others? “Loving someone with passion is the most important thing in life. Give. Share all you can. Never expect anything in return. Talk, communicate. Every day is a new beginning.”

What helped Paul get through his grief? “No books or other people’s experience helped me. I worked hard and continue to do so, to understand myself better and respect others’ feelings.”