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8 Affordable Ways to Be Inkandescent®

1. Be an Inkandescent Subscriber: At no cost to you, we will send you our Monday Morning Magic weekly newsletter, which will land in your inbox and help you start the week off right! Please send us a note with your email address, and we’ll add you to our mailing list.

2. Be an Inkandescent Member: For $20/month (or a one-time payment of $200/year), members have access to all of our classes online from movement to mindfulness, lunch & learn and workshops, and so much more. You get discounts on all of our in-person classes — and get additional discounts on one-on-one coaching sessions ranging from fitness to nutrition, and life coaching, too. Click here to send an email saying you’d like to sign up for a year — receive a free Inkandescent® t-shirt!

3. Be an Inkandescent Author: If you are determined to write a book, but don’t know quite where to begin — we are here to help! For $1,000/month with a 1-year contract, we will help you write, edit, design, and promote your book! See our 8-steps approach to get you started. Click here to meet our authors who have Books in the Works — and those we are thrilled to be promoting. through Inkandescent Publishing. Click here to download the pdf.

 4. Be an Inkandescent Teacher or Coach: For $1,500/year (or $150/month payment plan),we will build you a website within one of our popular websites, a video and podcast interview, and promote your goodies and services — our teachers get promoted and booked to teach classes at our growing number of venues and events where you’ll earn income. Each teacher gets a page on our website, and we shoot an introductory video to introduce you to our network. We create videos of your classes cataloged on our website for our members to watch at their convenience. For each view, you earn additional revenue. Meet our coaches here.

5. Be an Advertiser: For $1,500/year (or $150/month payment plan), you and your business are promoted on all of our Inkandescent websites: and, Inkandescent Women magazine, BeInkandescent Health & Wellness magazine, and of course as one of our Books in the Works on You’ll also be promoted regularly on our social media pages where we have more than 40,000 connections, and in our weekly Monday Morning Magic newsletter. Don’t miss out on the power of repeat marketing — contact us for details.

6. Be a Podcast Host and TV Star: Starting at $1000 for one show/month. If you are looking to increase your visibility in the powerful world of podcasts and YouTube videos, we are here to help. From setting up the show, producing it as a podcast and video, and promoting it on social media, and making sure the show is also available on iTunes, Spotify, and iHeart Radio — our one-stop service ensures your voice will be heard on the airways and seen on screens around the country. Click here to download the contract.

7. Be powered by an Inkandescent website: Since 2008, the Inkandescent team has designed, programmed, managed and maintained websites for hundreds of small businesses. See some of our most recent additions here: All-inclusive websites start at $5000.

8. Be part of our Inkandescent family: Reach out and inquire how to become part of this exciting organization as a client: 703-346-6975. Packages start at $2500/month for 10 hours of PR, marketing, and coaching assistance. We look forward to connecting with you! — Hope Gibbs, founder, Inkandescent® PR & Publishing Inc.

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