Start Before You Are Ready!

By Angela Mitchell

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Tech guru Angela Mitchell is teaching Kids to Code, Too!

Angela's non-profit organization is focused on building computer science confidence in elementary students (3-8th grades) from underserved communities. Kids Code Too teaches students to build computers, utilize the computers to learn to code, and teach other kids to do the same.

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A Note from Angela Mitchell, author, Start Before You Are Ready! — Let’s me be BLUF:#Goals is a crowdsourcing app aimed at creating a safe space to discover, create, maintain, and share personal Goal Roadmaps with mentors who have traveled the paths before. Please join us! As a mentor and expert in your field, I know you will want to be part of this exciting global project that will launch in early 2022.

Here’s why: I am confident that this app will help millions of people everywhere because you, our mentors, will guide them using your skills, experience, and profound knowledge of how to accomplish their goals. Simple, right?

Here’s our ask: Tell us how you’d like to be part of this fantastic program that will change the lives of everyone ready and willing to accomplish their goals, starting today!

  • Who will you mentor? Too many people have dreams and aspirations to reach specific goals — such as starting a business, losing weight, investing, buying a house — but they don’t know where or how to start.  Many others have traveled similar paths, successfully reaching their goals. Our #Goals app helps match those individuals with you! As a mentor, you will help them along their goal journey by providing feedback, suggestions, pitfalls, lessons learned, and advice to make their trip the most efficient way possible. Because many people struggle with asking for help on their goal journey, this app takes away that nerve-racking aspect by initiating the request for guidance from experts like you.
  • Market yourself and your company to our legions of followers: As a #Goals mentor, we will help you market and promote your services while assisting others in achieving their goals. This opportunity is a win/win.  For example, a personal trainer or nutritionist can offer services to people who want to lose weight.  Or a realtor, loan officer, or home inspector can offer their services to people who want to buy a house.
  • Cultivate your Network: Our Support System also allows you to meet colleagues and other mentors to help you achieve your goals.
  • Name your price: As a #Goals Mentor, our members will hire you to help them get past the idea phase of their goal by acting as a consultant getting paid for your time. We do the marketing; you show up and coach. Many of our Mentors start with a $25/hour fee and grow from there. Imagine having ten clients/week to coach — with more in the wings. Our risk-free Mentor program could be just what you need to jumpstart your own business and accomplish your long-term goals. It’s a win-win!
  • Be part of our Goal Plan Repository and Global Support System: You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. You can search for goal roadmaps already created in the app, and you can customize them as your own for FREE. Plus, our global support system connects you to like-minded individuals who are also working to reach the next level of success in their lives.
  • Connect with an Accountability Partner: Because it’s more fun, and research shows it’s much more effective, to work in tandem when trying to accomplish a big goal, we will connect our Mentors and Members to others with the same goal so together they can run, fight fat, review business and marketing plans, scheme, and accomplish their goals alongside a buddy.
  • Help Reduce Risk: Our step-by-step roadmaps are a starting point to reduce the guesswork and risk in trying to figure out what you’re supposed to do next. As a Mentor, you help them overcome the obstacles in your path — while marketing your services and getting paid for your time.
  • Set up a consultation with new clients: Allows goal seekers to request time with a mentor to conduct video or audio consultation sessions via the #Goals app.

Are you ready to get started? We are building our team of Mentors now. For more information, click here to send me an email so we can get you up and running as a Mentor today.

About Angela Mitchell: As the CEO of CASE Management Consulting president, based in Washington, DC, Angela runs a multi-million, 8(a) Certified, Minority Woman-owned Small Business founded in 2016. CASE delivers secure, high-quality web-based process automation tools and knowledge management solutions. CASE guides an organization through change, focusing on business processes and technology. “Our mission is to provide leaders with real data to make better business decisions,” Angela says.

Angela is also the co-founder and director of Kids Code Too — a non-profit organization focused on building computer science confidence in elementary students (3-8th grades) from underserved communities. Kids Code Too teaches students to build computers, learn to code, and then teach other kids to do the same.

A little background: Earlier in her career, Angela was a Senior Associate at a Fortune 500 company. She served as the Software Development lead for all web development work on two of its most significant contracts (over $700M/5yrs) in the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) market.

She was responsible for leading and managing the delivery of over 200 Research and Development projects for NGA. Ms. Mitchell led the implementation of over 20 custom workflow tools that automate numerous Chief of Staff, and Business Executive functions at National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) offices to reduce time spent on administrative functions and increase knowledge management.

Additionally, she has led both Enterprise (10,000+ users) and Directorate level workflow collaboration tools. She has successfully built end-to-end solutions that provide leadership with the information necessary to make data-driven business decisions.

Angela’s academic accomplishments: She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from James Madison University, a master’s degree in Information Telecommunications Systems at John Hopkins University, and Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship at Babson College, the #1 ranked Entrepreneurship school in the US.

Angela is also the author of the upcoming book, “Start Before You Are Ready,” published in 2022 by Inkandescent Publishing. She is also the creator of #Goals, an app that connects Mentors and Dreamers to accomplish their ultimate goals! Check out the #Goals app and chapters as the book unfolds on Angela’s column page.